Thursday, February 8, 2007

Change of the Will

I have been very encouraged lately with my oldest son. He is really coming into his own and learning to control his will and to *care* enough about his lessons to put forth the effort needed. Due to our circumstances this week- mostly the warm weather and a field trip day- we didn't have our normal routine of being at home in the morning to get his lessons done. That usually means we have quite a struggle and have a lousy time with the lessons or I just scrap them altogether.

As he matures, I have been able to encourage him to always do his best for the glory of God. I can see him really taking it to heart now and I am encouraged and blessed by him. What a joy to see him seeking his education!

Last weekend a dear friend and I were able to chat and we caught each other up on what our boys were doing and how the lessons were going for each of us. My only concern had to do with Stickman's attitude and heart toward his lessons (not always, but at times..) and how in the world am *I* to correct it and mold his character into the type of son *I* want him to be!! Well, the words of wisdom pour from my dear friend (she is a treasure!) and straight to my heart. This isn't all up to me! I need to *pray* for my son so that God can work in him. God doesn't expect or want me to do it all. He wants me to have faith that *together* we will guide and lead my son. She was so right! It was quite a weight lifted, right then and there. And let me just state- I prayed for my son (still am...) and I know my friend also prayed for him...and he has been a changed child this week!

So if I can do anything...let me just remind other moms, pray for your children! This is so simple and yet when it comes to my responsibilities- I tend to think it's all on me, when really God is there to help me, I just need to remember to ask!