Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cy's Storybook Bible part 3

Hello everyone. I'm here to tell you of me (a 9 year old's experience, from the end of 2007 to the beginning of 2008). This is a sad story what happened to my mom. One day I got up to a sad morning. At first, me and my brothers didn't know what was going on. Because mom and dad were crying and me and my brothers didn't know what to do. So we just wrote cards for them. Later they told us the bad news. MY MOM HAD CANCER. And you know what? I still didn't lose faith with God. So I'm trying to tell you guys that if we have hard times, God is still there. I want you to give me a comment if you read this about when you felt that God is not there. I've gone through a lot of hard times but I still have not lost faith in God.

If you do not know this I am going to tell you right now: everybody has sinned. Nobody is ever perfect. I can tell you that. Not even me, no way, I have sinned too. If you do not think He will forgive our sins...well, He came to earth, died for us, and we are free from sins.