Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Shakespeare Resource

I've checked out several different versions of Shakespeare retellings and the Leon Garfield books are the ones that capture my boys' attention and tell enough of the play not to lose the storyline. They also love the pictures, which aren't necessarily my favorite, but it helps them "see" the story.

I've tried the versions that Ambleside Online recommends, but they are much more difficult for the boys to follow, so we'll stick to Shakespeare Stories for now.

Copy Work books

I love these copy work books by Memoria Press! I was printing out and picking out my son's copy work for each day-- and it was fun but time consuming! Unfortunately, I had to look for some short cuts while undergoing cancer treatment the last 8 months and I came upon one of these copy books. It was a life saver and a blessing and well worth the money. My oldest son was able to pull the book out and work on a page every day without needing me to do anything and I could look it over once a month or so to see how he was doing.

Now with 2 children actively doing lessons every day, the copy books save me time and they are very convenient. I have not seen the cursive book as of yet and it probably won't work for my oldest who being a sloppy lefty is struggling to do cursive at all.


Science Program

We have also begun a new science curriculum that we are doing in a Co-op with another family (we're also doing art together).
These are really enjoyable science books and experiments. Very kid & non-scientist mom friendly!! They are written by a homeschool mom who also happens to be a scientist and she knows KIDS & SCIENCE and how to best put them together!
We are using the Pre-Level 1 books this year because of the age range we are teaching- 5, 7 & 9 year olds. The Level 1 books are geared for 3rd- 5th graders so we will move into those next year and they will have a great foundation in science concepts.
In addition, we still read many great nature stories, go for nature walks, keep nature journals and so on. To learn more go to:


Art Program

We are using a new art program this year and loving it!! It's called Artistic Pursuits and has levels from beginning elementary through high school. We are starting at the beginning with book A & the lessons are simple but fun and the boys (age 9, 7, and almost 5) are getting to try many different techniques.
Each lesson includes a close look at a painting for art appreciation and practice in noticing detail! The questions really get the kids talking and observing. I'll try to post some completed projects when I can.