Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Copy Work books

I love these copy work books by Memoria Press! I was printing out and picking out my son's copy work for each day-- and it was fun but time consuming! Unfortunately, I had to look for some short cuts while undergoing cancer treatment the last 8 months and I came upon one of these copy books. It was a life saver and a blessing and well worth the money. My oldest son was able to pull the book out and work on a page every day without needing me to do anything and I could look it over once a month or so to see how he was doing.

Now with 2 children actively doing lessons every day, the copy books save me time and they are very convenient. I have not seen the cursive book as of yet and it probably won't work for my oldest who being a sloppy lefty is struggling to do cursive at all.


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