Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What a find!!!

Talk about your unusual finds! This was crazy!

We were spending a very nice Sunday afternoon, out in the yard just enjoying the sunshine, when we spied a very strange bird. I mentally checked all the birds that were native to Texas and couldn't think of anything that would be a match...when it *dawned* on was a parakeet!!!! Some one's pet!!!

The boys were so excited when it flew down near me and they all gathered around (with 2 neighbor boys too) to see him. I stayed really calm and quietly called to the bird while squatting down in front of him and before I knew it, he flew onto my back! My oldest son went after some sunflower seeds and held them in his hand, so the bird moved from my back to his hand and I was able to secure the bird while my neighbor found a cat carrier that we put the feathery little guy in until we had a cage.

And there you have the incredible story of *Tweety*, the yellow parakeet that came to us. (My neighbor- who grew up with birds- is keeping him. Yes, we checked w/neighbors and no one will claim him!) The boys all love him and my neighbor brings him out to the patio every afternoon so we can all visit with him. How fun!!! Talk about your nature days!

Monday, March 19, 2007

SOTW Craft

Here's a glance at the boys doing their Celtic- Roman war reenactment. They had a great time! This was well worth the effort and they learned so much. Once we made the Roman Signum, my 5 yo completely understood that he was the *unprotected* soldier and if their signum was destroyed the whole Roman troop was shamed. My 5 yo also thought his brothers looked *scary* when they put the paint on their bodies, so we had a wonderful discussion about the *mental* warfare and why the Celts were thought to be so frightening. Great Stuff!

(SOTW, Vol 2. Chapt. 1-2)

Saturday, March 17, 2007


This is so wonderful, I had to share!!

The web site will keep track of multiple libraries and multiple cards (if your library is in their system) and email notices to you when your books are due, which library, which books, etc. This is such a blessing!!! It is VERY easy to use and has taken all my anxiety out of trying to keep track of all those books myself! Blessings to whoever created that idea!

Go and try!