Tuesday, May 1, 2007

My bird watchers!

My boys LOVE their bird watching!!! This is something that I don't believe would *ever* have been developed, had it not been for the year long readings of Burgess Bird Book in Ambleside's Year 1 program. I am soooo thankful! The boys have learned more than I could have ever hoped and they are so passionate about the birds. They care deeply for them- and to think, I'll be doing it again in a couple of years with my youngest!!! Yeay!!! As you can see in the picture, he already gets right in there...looks his birds up, id's them, listens to their calls...what a connection with God we have created by simply learning more about creation around us! I wish that every child had the opportunity to develop a slow and deep relationship with nature. Is there anything more important? They see God at work through His marvelous world and they are so thankful and so in AWE of His power and perfection.
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athenainaminivan said...

We too are in TExas and do CBS Homeschool. I am a core leader. We love it. We do AO and have 3 boys.