Monday, May 28, 2007

Poetry Notebook

This year my oldest son will be keeping a poetry notebook. I am doing this to encourage his love of the creativity of poetry, to give him something meaningful to copy, and to have something to look back on fondly and remember this time in his education.

He will be reading from three poets this year- a different one each term- and we will take turns reciting one poem each day. Then on Friday's he will pick his favorite poem of the week and copy it in his nicest handwriting and he may also wish to make a drawing to go along with it, which we will collect in a simple folder. This will be the poem he will then work on memorizing for the next week and will be able to recite it on the following Friday. At the end of the year (next spring) he will have a notebook full of 36 handwritten poems - and possibly illustrations- and will be able to recite from memory many of them!

**This will be more meaningful than just having the copies off the internet and my son will love to have the visual accomplishment of his work.

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