Monday, January 8, 2007

Great Week Back!

After a long, much needed break (from Thanksgiving week until this Monday) we are back at it! We were all ready to get into our lessons and schedules again. The vacation really energized us and instead of feeling the mid-year burnout- we are feeling spirited and excited about this next jaunt.

My oldest son is doing year 2 of Ambleside Online for the most part. I have altered it in some aspects to better fit our style, interests, etc. Then my middle son, at 5 1/2, has a very easy going schedule and is ready to learn to read! He is right there on the cusp of understanding it all - that's so exciting! And son #3, at 3 years old, mostly keeps us hopping and is a constant reminder that we need to keep the lessons short!!

To really top off the week, we were able to see the Van Gogh "Sheaves of Wheat" exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art! That was really awesome and afterward the boys (and friends) worked on their artist abilities!!! So precious!
My boys are on the left and friends are on the right. Notice they are "copying" their style from the Van Gogh paintings in the book!! This was really one of those *darling* moments

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