Sunday, January 14, 2007

Nature on an Icy Day

WOW! Today has been incredible! We fill so blessed and so filled with God's wonder and control!

Here we are sitting home on an icy, cold Sunday, being especially lazy and cozy and a bit *stir crazy* since we haven't been outside all weekend... but God always has a plan, if you are listening and watching patiently...

We have seen the most wonderful birds today, brought right to our windows for us all to enjoy! It started with an Eastern Bluebird (see picture) that my son saw and urged us to all come see. Then the sparrows came up on the porch, followed by several little beauties that I haven't id'ed yet. Then we watched a woodpecker outside our living room... not soon after followed by my hubby nudging me and telling me to look out the kitchen window.

OH! ...I cannot describe the splendor there....a have a beautiful berry bush (? don't remember what it is) that was COVERED (!) with Cedar Waxwings...maybe 15 or more.... I just stood in wonder! They were just incredible!!! They stayed for only moments, but those were breathtaking moments to be sure. We won't be forgetting them anytime soon.

Thank you God for your Glorious World and Glorious Creatures!

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