Sunday, January 28, 2007


We have a CD called "America the Musical" that gives a brief history story and relates it to a song. My boys LOVE it. One of the story/song combinations is called "Follow the Drinking Gourd" and explains how the slaves would give clues to the underground railroad through their songs. The *drinking gourd* is the big dipper and of course, taught the slaves to travel north by following the North Star.

Yesterday my sweet 5yo was sitting on the couch with me and out of the blue asked me which way was north. So we went over our directions and I explained that he can see the sunrise from his bedroom- so that direction is East and he figured it out from there. Once figured out north he exclaimed, "Then that's the way I need to head for freedom!"

Everything we do, every little opportunity - is such a gold mine! I have so many of these moments with my boys- listening to them sing along with the National Anthem, noticing pieces of classical music on commercials while sitting in a waiting room, catching them singing *mommy's music* (praise songs) while in the just taking the time to be very selective with what they are exposed to leads to such worthy rewards!

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