Saturday, January 13, 2007

What else my Year 2 student does...

In addition to the reading, I also have my year 2 student work on the following:

*Vocabulary- he is working through Wordly Wise series, but reading is the BEST

*Handwriting- he is learning cursive (just started, mid-Year 2) HWT

*Math- working through the Miquon series, supplemented w/some extra practice when needed

*Copywork- one lengthy sentence each week from something he is reading/2 days to complete

*Bible Study- he takes a Bible Study class that is very indepth; I am studying the same book

*Narrations- he narrates from everything he reads; also narrates art work

*Poetry- I read one/two poems each day to enjoy

*Geography- he is keeping a very simple notebook; place pictures in & write captions

*Artist Study- one new picture each week; we also try to find a book to read from about the artist; post large picture on bullitan board; place small picture in Art Album

*Composer Study- we do a new composer every 16 weeks or so regardless of breaks; listen to works whenever we can; also read about composer if possible

*Nature Study- probably what we spend most time on...being outdoors in God's glory! Try for everyday!

*P.E.- both 8yo & 5yo are in a PE class for homeschoolers/1 hour per week; both also take Riding Lessons (horse) 1 hour/week

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